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Spells are one of the core elements of the game Mages of Mystralia and players will control Zia, who was exiled for her magical abilities. On her journey through the world of Mystralia, she'll discover new spells and meet other mages.

Spells have three key components: the Focus, the Essence, and supporting Runes.

Focus[edit | edit source]

Immedi[edit | edit source]

Allows for instantaneous spells, such as slashes and explosions.

Basic Immedi spells infuse a wand or area with a short-lived burst of energy. Immedi, or "melee", spells are easy to use, with notable runes including Detonate.

Actus[edit | edit source]

Allows for spells with conditional durations, such as mines and projectiles.

Basic Actus spells summon stationary orbs of an element. Actus, or "active", spells are incredibly flexible with a large pool of compatible runes, often including Move and Homing.

Creo[edit | edit source]

Allows for spells with a durable effect, such as ice bridges and fire walls.

Basic Creo spells lay a small patch of an element at one's feet. Creo, or "create", spells alter the very landscape that mages walk upon, carving literal new paths with Move.

Ego[edit | edit source]

Allows for spells affecting one's self, such as shields and fast movement.

Basic Ego spells provide a durable, front-facing shield. Ego, or "self", spells have great utility with Move or Duplicate, and make a strong foundation for triggering other spells.

Essence[edit | edit source]

Aura[edit | edit source]

Harnessing the power of electricity, Aura spells activate the yellow star switches found throughout Mystralia.

Igni[edit | edit source]

With a thought and a spark, Igni spells light the torches on Zia's journey.

Aqua[edit | edit source]

Using the elements of cold and ice, Aqua spells bridge bodies of water through a Creo focus.

Gaea[edit | edit source]

Acting through the earth and nature, Gaea spells protect Zia from hostile elements.

Runes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Runes

While spells can function with just a Focus and Essence, Runes separate the legendary mages from the novices. Experienced mages use their creativity and wit to adapt to any situation.