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Descriptions are work in progress. Please be patient thus it will be completed while replaying the game.

Traveler Merchants / Flowers for Anna[edit | edit source]

Zia first meets the two travelling merchants George and Anna after she leaves Haven for the first time. George will talk with Zia when she first enters the riverside where the fountain is.↵The second time Zia meets them it is in the ruins in The Rise on the way to the sky castle (where she meet the people of the castle) They are telling Zia that they are almost done with their expidition and will go back home soon.↵At the market Place of Mytralia Castle the guy on the peer winks Zia. He asks her to bring flowers the traveling merchant Anna.↵After returning to the Rise ruins after defeating the Ghost Queen on the northeast side you'll find a grave. It's Anna's grave. Put the flowers on it↵Go back to the City to tell the guy on the pears.↵Reward: Life Staff↵You'll meet Anna's husband George next time when Greyleaf is attacked by the Guards of Mystralia Castle at the bridge between Haven and Greyleaf. He warns you that is too dangerous to go further but lets you pass anyway.↵After the incident you'll find George North from Mystralia Castle's graveyard (above the place where the first ghost statue wasтатуя призрака).↵

Stolen Goods[edit | edit source]

When Zia first travels from Haven to Grealeaf Hamlet she passes through a part of the Mystral Woods. There Merchant Rachel Marie is attacked by goblins and her carriage is smashed. When Zia helps her she asks her to get her husband from Greyleaf to help her repair the carriage.
In Greyleaf after passing the pear where Blacksmith Tao is standing Zia will find Rachels husband Carpenter Vitas Varnas on the right side, scared from Zia. Talk to him and he will leave to help Rachel fix the carriage.
When Zia follows him back to the carriage Rachel and Vitas will have cleared the road to the north. Talk to Rachel, she will tell Zia that her wares were stolen by the goblins and asks Zia for help. Missing wares: 4 bags.

Location of the stolen bags

  • Follow the road up to the north, which is now available. Go over the bridge, which is activated with a switch, and reach teh goblin hideout. Right to the fireplace there is the first bag.
  • With the ACTUS spell Zia can lit up the explosive barrels behind the fire place and destroy the wall. Follow the road up to the hill and defeat the big goblin. After defeating him Zia'll get the Move Rune. Attached to the ACTUS Spell it will become a fireball. Destroy the explosife barrel to the right and the entrance to the Old Mines will open. After Zia enters the second Bag is on the right side. Pick it up.
  • Now leave the top of the mountain where Zia fought the big goblin again and light up the explosive barrel underneath. A bridge will be created and Zia can pass through. Down the hill on the left side there is a small goblin camp side where the third bag can be found.
  • Follow the road through the Mystral Roads (after the Old Goblin) to the right side, light the torch and let down the bridge. After crossing the bridge you'll find the last bag on the right side.

Give the bags back to Rachel in Greyleaf. Instant Reward: 50 Green Soulbeads
She'll also offer you to sell you Scarabs, which will heal your health once fully. (Only one can be carried at once.)
Reward: able to buy a Scarab

Strange Old Goblin in the Mystral Woods[edit | edit source]

At the entrance of Mystral Woods after the Goblin Hideout there is an Old Goblin waiting for Zia. He asks her to light three campsites (BRAZIERS) in the mystral woods.
Location: Just follow all roads in the Mystral Woods, you'll find it right away (it's not that big).
Reward: Key to the big door in front of the Giant Wood Wretch Twigs.

The broken bridge in the Mystral Woods[edit | edit source]

To repair the broekn bridge Zia has to talk to Vitas in Greyleaf. He will repair the bridge after he hears that Zia defeated the Wooden Wretch.
Reward: Repaired Bridge in Mystral Woods

New Cauldron for Jeff's Wife[edit | edit source]

The Woodchopper Jeff in Greyleaf (NorthEast of Greyleaf) wants to buy his wife a new Couldron. Give him 75 green Soulbeads. He'll give you a Token which can be used later to get his help. After Greyleaf burned down and Zia got all Elements go back to the refuge place. Jeff will give you a wand he found in his burned down home.
Reward: Soul Scepter

Scared of mages[edit | edit source]

When first entering the Rise from the Mystral Wood a guy (Strange Man) is winking Zia to come closer.
He asks her if she is a mage. When Zia answers yes he gets scared and runs away.
Following the road to the left, after the next bridge the Strange man waits again. He'll ask Zia if she can control fire and when she answers yes he'll run away again.
Follow him to the left until he waits again. Now he'll ask if Zia is following hin. Doesn't matter what she answers, he will run away again.
Follow him again to his campside on the west end of the rise. Now he asks Zia if she can light up the fireplace. Help him out
He'll offer you to sell you a new wand for 300 Green Soulbeads. Buy it if you can.
Reward: Can buy the Igni Wand for 300 Green Soulbeads.

I need my Pitchfork[edit | edit source]

When entereing the Highlands from Greyleaf up north is a Farm. The Farmer will ask Zia to find his new Pitchfork which he lost somewhere around.
Now go south until Zia reaches the sea. On the left end the pitchfork lies before a big tent. When Zia tries to pick it up Goblins come and go into the tent. Follow them and get the pitchfork back.
Bring the pitchfork back to the farmer.
Reward: 75 Green Soulbeads After Greyleaf is burned down Farmer Xavier is standing in front of the main Entrance to the city. He asks Zia to bring his Pitchfork back which he borrowed his cousin in the Highlands.
Go to the farmer in the highlands and talk to him. He gives you the Broken Pitchfork.
When exploring through the old mines (during the main quest) Zia will find a piece of metal in front of a goblin tent. When she tries to pick it up goblins take it and go into the tent. Follow inside and choose the goblin who has stolen the metal. Defeat all enemies. You'll get Chunk of Metal.
Now bring the Chunk of Metal to Zako in the destroyed Greyleaf at Zia's old house. He will repair the Pitchfork with the metal.
Bring the Farmer's Pitchfork back to Xavier in front of the main entranco of Greyleaf.
Reward: Negation Scepter

Something is strange with my island[edit | edit source]

When passing the highlands go north near the sea. There will be a Fisherman fishing in the sea. He tells Zia that something on his island is strange and asks her to help.
Cross the lake to the right side and find his house with a fireplace. When entering the island Zia feels like she's being watched and says that she may be able to attrackt the attention of those by using the fireplace.
Light the fire and examine the fire pit. Zia will claim that she may be able to put meat over the pit.
Now you just need to kill a goblin that is riding on a boar to get the Boar Meat (appearing after clearing the Tomp of the Mage Kings). Go back to the island and hang the Meat above the fire and light the campside. Goblins will appear. Defeat all and talk to the fisherman again.
Reward: Aqua Wand

I'm so hungry[edit | edit source]

The beggar at the market place of Mystralia Castle asks Zia, when she first visits the city to give him Hot Bread because he is so hungry.
Go up north form where he is sitting. On the left site is the sales booth of the baker. He will sell you Hot bread for 10 Green Soulbeads. Bring it back to the beggar.
After Greyleaf is burned down talk to the beggar again. He asks you for another Hot bread. When talking to the baker above he tells you that goblins robbed him and he doesn't have any bread left.
Go north through the graveyard and follow the road, go west twice. The goblins who stole the bread are at the goblin camp above the three torch riddle. Defeat them and take all the stolen bread back to the backer. He'll give you a Hot Bread in return.
Go to the beggar and give him the Hot Bread. In return you get a Broken Portal Stone. Use it on the next Teleportation Anchor. It will teleport you back to The Winding Glade (it will trigger itself after researving all Elenetal Essences.
Go back up and destroy the destruction stone. Underneath is a puzzle portal, use it.
Reward: Teleport Rune
Use it to get out of the room.

Lost Soldier's Badge[edit | edit source]

When Zia wants to enter the graveyard where the Tomb of the Mage Kings is located (from Mystralia Castle), a guard is blocking the way. He tells her that he is punished because he lost his badge.
Go back to the market place south to the water. Go right to the entrance of the sewers and pass through them. When coming out on the other side use Ice Bridge to get to the wood peer underneath. Above it you'll find the badge. Bring it back to the guard at the entrance of the graveyard.
Reward: Opening up the way to the graveyard

Three ghosts on the loose[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Ghost Queen in the Tomp of the Mage Kings, Zia finds herself underneath the Mystralia Castle on the peer. The Necromancer is telling her that because of her proceeding through the Tomp three evil spirits awakened. He quests her to catch all three inside the Bottle of Spirits and bring them to him.

  • First ghost: Go north from the Graveyard through the KeyDoor and follow the road to the west. After the bridge there comes a goblin camp. Underneath the stairs is a statue. Examine it, it will teleport Zia to the first ghost to be defeated.
  • Second ghost: When Greyleaf is burned down a door at the small graveyard is destroyed. Behind it is the second statue. Examine it, it will teleport Zia to the second ghost to be defeated.
  • Third ghost: Before entering the Lava Grotto go right down over the Lava (use Rock Bridge). Follow the road you'll find the last statue.

Bring the Bottle back to the Necromanzer in Mystralia Castle.
Reward: Afterlife Elixir

Hall of Trials[edit | edit source]

When the Hall of Trials in Haven first opens it is possible to take the challenge of the mages. Zia have to defeat 12 waves of monsters to get the 3 chests that are staged there.
Rewards: Purple Soulbead, Archmage's Robe, Proximity Rune
After clearing it once the mage inside the arena challenges Zia to beat his record. Defeat all 12 waves in 10 minutes.
Rewards: Trial Wand

Help the people in Greyleaf[edit | edit source]

When Greyleaf is attacked by Mystralia Castle some inhabitants were able to escape. They ask Zia to help the rest of them who are still trapped inside Greyleaf.

  • Proceed east in direction of Mystralia Castle. The bridge was destroyed and Shifty is trapped on the other side. Destroy the rock on the left side to make a rock bridge and enter Shifty's destroyed house to calm him down.
  • Go to the Woodchoppers Den and Help Carbone and Chester who are covering in fear.
  • From the Woodchoppers Den go north. Jeff is trapped on the left side. Destroy the dead tree to make a passageway and talk to him.
  • Go further northwest where the old man was standing all the time. Now he is threatened by two guards. Help him.
  • Proceed further south from the old man and the west where Zia's hous were. Tao is waiting scared nearby Zia's destroyed house crying for help.

Follow Tao upstaires and talk to her.
Reward: Key to the Mineshaft

Goblin wants to fight[edit | edit source]

When fleeing the burning Greyleaf to the Rise go right over the bridge. There is a goblin who is challanging Zia to a fight. Defeat all.
Reward: Rod of the Berserker

Celestial Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Haven's Magic Seal[edit | edit source]

Just place all three circles in row, so that the arrows are directed to each other. (They are glowing when it is right.)
Reward: Opening up the Road out of Haven

Sacred Forest Glade[edit | edit source]

On the way to Greyleaf Zia passes a small part of the Mystral Woods. After saving Rachel and passing the bridge, there is a road up a small hill on the left side. Save the Celestial Puzzle on the door.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Right to the Strange Man in the Rise[edit | edit source]

After coming to the Rise from Mystral Woods there is a bridge that goes over the waterfall to the right. There is a door with an Celestial Puzzle to be solved.
Reward: Homing Rune

Stay Frosty[edit | edit source]

Celestial door above the platform where the big Sky Shard from the Lizard lies (reachable after defeating the Ice Lizard).
Reward: Purple Soulbead

A Hideout of Tortoises[edit | edit source]

Celestial Door inside the sewers of Mystralia City. Use the stairs on the right end to go up to the Door. Solve it.
'Reward: Purple Soulbead

Tomb of the Mage King's: Celestial Door[edit | edit source]

After the first Keydoor turn down where the statue is rotating. On the right side is another key behind it is the Celestial Puzzle Door. Use Duplicate Self on the right switch to open the door.
You need Multiple Fireball and Duplicate to complete the puzzle.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets[edit | edit source]

Follow the road north from the Graveyard above Mystralia Castle to the east. After turning east twice you'll find the Celestial Puzzle door. Solve it.
Reward: Ether Rune

The Talking Cave[edit | edit source]

Proceeding through the minshaft on top of Greyleaf (while Greyleaf is burning down, available after helping all the citizens escape) you'll pass by a Celestial Door Puzzle. Solve it.
Reward: Purple Soublead

Quarry Duty[edit | edit source]

Sunken Quarry: From the center with the four water roads (where the you can go down to the boss later on) go east. Use the moving platform and go right up the hill. From there you see the Celestial Door Puzzle. Solve it.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Never Dig Down![edit | edit source]

Exploring the Old Mines after the first key door go east over the first fallen crystal bridge. Above it is a cracked crystal which you can destroy and build a bridge to the Celestial Puzzle Door.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Molten Core[edit | edit source]

After the first Lava Sea in the Lava Grotto follow the way to the right. It will lead to a Celestial Puzzle Door. Solve it.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Sky Shard Door[edit | edit source]

The Rise[edit | edit source]

After coming to the Rise, following the road to the left over the bridge, there is a strange door on the right side. It shows a dragonlinke picture on it with an blue crest. In the later game Zia gets a sky shard which can be used to open up that door and get the chest behind it.
After defeating the end boss in the Black Tower, go back to Haven and down to the observation tech (Emilie shouldn't stand there anymore). Take the Sky Shard out of the tech and go back to the Sky Shard Door in the Rise. Now it is possible to open it with the Shard.
Reward: Mystralian Elixir

Puzzles throughout the game[edit | edit source]

Since the puzzles are getting harder depending on the level of difficulty chosen, they will not been descriped in detail here.

North of haven exit: Teleportation Platform[edit | edit source]

North, after Haven's exist where Zia has to solve the Puzzle for the Magic Seal, there is a destruction stone on the left side of the road.
Destroy the stone, use the teleportation Platform and solve the puzzle inside: play the melody of the bird with the dummies.
Reward: Random Rune

Island South to the road to Greyleaf[edit | edit source]

On the way to Greayleaf after Zia passes the bridge and turns to the south (south of Forest Glade Puzzle), she can pass through the water with the Ice Bridge Spell. There she finds a puzzle with three tourches. To complete it Zia needs to be able to cast the Fireball and the Moving Icebridge spell.
Reward: Overcharge Rune

Mystral Woods up to the north[edit | edit source]

Following the road north, where Rachel's carriage first broke, you'll find a lightning portal underneath the barrels before the bridge to the goblin hideout. Turn on the switch to the right so the platform will start rotating. Light all 4 torches to let the chest appear.
Needed Spells: Fireball
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Tavern in Greyleaf[edit | edit source]

Entering Grealeaf from the north side (after passing the Mystral Woods) go South. You'll find the tavern on the right side. On the shield is a moose head. Inside you'll find a puzzle. To complete it you'll need the Duplicate Self and the Fireball Spell.
Reward: Left Rune

Puzzle The Rise: Two torches[edit | edit source]

When walking north from the passage blogged by lumber you'll reach a rock prominence after two bridges. There are two torches. Light them fast and the door right to the back one will open.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Puzzle The Rise: Key, Right Rune[edit | edit source]

Follow the road in the Rise to the north until Zia reaches the rock prominence and go east (west is the Dark Tower). Jump down the cliff and there will be a big puzzle ahead. Beneath it is a treasure chest which holds the Right Rune. Take it.
Attach the rune to the fireball movement and stand on the switch beneath the closed stone monument. The monument will open and shows a torch. If attached correctly to the spell and Zia standing on the right place the Fireball will go in circle around the monuments until it reaches the tourch. Lit the Stone monument in the middle will go down and make it possible to get the key above.
Reward: Right Rune, Key, Multiple Spells from one basic category

Ruins in The Rise[edit | edit source]

Following the road in the Rise up to the north, through the closed gate Zia finds herself in some ruins (where she meets people from the castle). There is also a puzzle with three tourches to be solved.
Used spells: Fireball, Move forward.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Sky Temple: Puzzle Mechanism[edit | edit source]

  • Ice Arena: While following the roud through the Sky Temple Zia'll reach an "Ice Arena" where she's locked in and is forced to fight goblins and goblin mages. On the north end of the Sky Temple is a Celestial Puzzle door to be solved. Light the torch beneath it. The first mechanism of the arena is set to function.
  • From the arena go south. There's a small campside with the second torch for the mechanism.
  • After following the way farther it turns east and Zia finds herself in front of a detonation rock door, where there are three detonation barrels behind them. She can eather use the Right Fireball to light them or use the Detonation Rune (which she'll get a little farther in the Sky Temple) to destroy it. After the rock door go right and light the barrel near the stairs. Behind the rocks is the third torch for the mechanism.
  • The forth torch is below the platform where Zia gets the Detonation Rune and fights the bug like creature.
  • After defeating the bug like creature advance left from the puzzle. Near the next Sky Shard tech is a detonation rock door. Destroy it. Behind is the last torch for the mechanism.

When coming back to the arena all orbs will line up and a chest will appear.
Reward: Mastery Rune

Sky Temple Teleportation Platform 1[edit | edit source]

Through the Sky Temple on the South road Zia walks by a detonation rock door with three detonation barrels behind them. Destroy the door and go right to the stairs. Above the stairs is a puzzle portal.
Light the two torches for the puzzle to be solved.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Sky Temple Teleportation Platform 2[edit | edit source]

While advancing through the Sky Temple Zia comes across a arena with a strange mechanism (where the Master Rune is). Advancing north she passes by the platform where the key to the boss is. Following the road west of that platform (not through the door) is a Teleportation Platform which leads to a monter room. Defeat all enemies.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Highlands on the way to Sunken Quarry[edit | edit source]

Cross the bridge from the highlands in direction of the Sunken Quarry. There go south. You will find a puzzle with 4 torches. Needed speels to complete it: Duplicate, Multiple Fireball.

Puzzle underneath Mystralia City[edit | edit source]

After passing through the sewers Zia reaches a big area with water. Throughout the water there are 4 torches to be lit to get a chest. Use Ice Bridge and Fireball to complete this.
Reward: Bounce Rune

Tomb of the Mage-Kings Puzzle Platform 1[edit | edit source]

After the first Keydoor turn down where the statue is rotating. On the left side is the platform. Use Duplicate Self on the left switch to open the door.
You need Multiple Fireball and Duplicate to complete the puzzle.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Tomb of the Mage-Kings: Puzzle Platform 2[edit | edit source]

After the Second KeyDoor turn down. Collect the next key and proceed onwards. On the right side will come a Puzzle Platform. Proceed into the mosnter room and kill all monsters.
Reward: Inverse Rune

Closed Door at the Tomp[edit | edit source]

Above the Entrance to the Tomp of the Mage Kings, there is a big statue. Behind it is a switch. Use Duplicate on it and collect the key. The key opens the door to the north.
Reward: Key to the north

Left to the first ghost[edit | edit source]

Left to the goblin camp where the first ghost of the ghost quest is (above the graveyard) is a puzzle with three torches. Use Duplicate Fireball with bounce to light them. Follow the road that opened up to the chest.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Greyleaf burning: Duct above the woodchoppers den[edit | edit source]

When Greyleaf is attacked the way to the duct above the woodchoppers den is opened. Inside it is a puzzle.
To clear it use Meteor Fireball (Fireball + Duplicate + Rain + Bounce (+ Inverse))
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Greyleaf burning: Church puzzle[edit | edit source]

When Greyleaf is attacked the churche burned down and you are able to go inside and through the puzzle platform. Complete the puzzle inside.
Reward: Swift Rune

Greyleaf burning: Platform above the houses[edit | edit source]

With Greyleaf being destroyed it is possible to reach behind Zia's house (where the refugees are gathered). Go to the right side and down the hill. Enter through the platform. Destroy all monsters.
Reward: Push Rune

Sunken Quarry: Puzzle Platform[edit | edit source]

From the center with the four water roads (where you can go down to the boss later on) go south down the hill. Follow over the big bridge on the left side of the area. You'll find yourself a Puzzle Platform. Enter.
You need Whirlwind spell with Left Rune to solve the riddle.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Sunken Quarry: Mineshaft Puzzle Platform[edit | edit source]

From the center with the four water roads 8where you can go down to the boss later on) go northwest. Follow the road over the platforms to the fartheast where a mineshaft is. Inside is a teleportation platform. Enter and defeat all monsters.
Reward: At Once Rune

Old Mines: First Mineshaft[edit | edit source]

When going north from the roads (between Haven & Greyleaf) through the destruction door you'll pass by a mineshaft on the left side. Enter and go through the Puzzle Platform inside.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Old Mines: Road Up North[edit | edit source]

Enter the road to the mineshaft through the destruction rock door and go up north as far as you can (not enter a mineshaft). Right to the road are four torches. Light them up.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Above the Mines: Road Up North[edit | edit source]

Follow the road even further up norht and enter a part of the Mystrals Woods. There is a puzzle platform on the left side. Enter and solve the puzzle.
Reward: Time Rune

Old Mines: NorthEast Platform[edit | edit source]

From the main entrance follow the road to the east and proceed north until you stand in front of an cracked big crystal. Destroy it and create a bridge to the platform behind. Enter and kill all monsters.
Reward: Expire Rune

Old Mines: Mystralia Woods Crystal[edit | edit source]

When exploring the old mines after the first Key Door there is a wheel. When using it the crystal is taken up above to Mystrala Woods. Use the main entrance to exist and go up north. There is the lifted crystal from before. With that you can move the carriage over the tracks until it falls down into the Old Mines. Move back to the place where you were before. Now there is light falling down into the cave. Use that light to open a door. Behind it is a chest.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

Lava Grotto: Puzzle Platform[edit | edit source]

Go into the Lava Grotto follow the road straight over the bridge and straigth east (you'll see the platform after the bridge already). Go north and back west the way one layer above. You'll reach the platform.
Reward: Periodic Rune

Lava Grotto: Platform above 4 switches[edit | edit source]

When exploring the Lava Grotto Zia comes across a 4 switch mechanism what will clear the area from lava. To the right side of it is a cracked stone pillar. Destroy it and it will create a bridge to a platform. Enter and defeat all monsters inside.
Reward: Purple Soulbead

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