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Mages are the core element of the game Mages of Mystralia, and players will control the mage Zia, who was exiled for her magical abilities. On her journey through the world of Mystralia, she'll discover new spells and meet other mages.

Known Mages[edit | edit source]

- Enchanter: He is the elder of the mages
- Mentor: Helps Zia when she burned down her village and sent her to Haven to become a real mage. He has a supporting role throughout the game and advices her where to go next.
- Cinna
- Emma: Zia first meets her at the Haven's Magic Puzzle. After that she stays at the upgrade fountains.
- Aevum Decessus
- Portia
- Emilie: attending to the instrument in Haven - Mage of the Trial: mage that awaits Zia in the Arena of Trial to test her strength. Three prices can be won here