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There is not much added to the wiki yet about the items of the game.

  • Apprentice Stick - is the first wand given by the mentor.
  • Spellbook
  • Mana Charm - is an item made from Magic Lily and Soulbeads. It is used to regain Mana.
  • Green Soulbeads - are very common in Mystralia and were used as a reagent, but now as a currency.
  • Purple Soulbeads - a rather uncommon, potent reagent
  • Magic Lily Bulb - one can plant it in a garden.
  • Wood Wretch Elexir - permanent health and mana increase
  • Token - given by Jeff in return of giving him Soulbeads to buy a new Cauldron for his wife
  • Scarab - is an item that can be bought from special people, it will regenerate Zia's health once fully.
  • Portal Stone - let Zia use the Teleportation Anchors to travel
  • Sky Shard - needed by the mages for their tech, can be used later on the Sky Shard Door in The Rise
  • Ice Lizard Elixir - permanent health and mana increase
  • Igni Wand - wand that improves igni spells while ignoring fire resistance of the enemie
  • Aura Wand - wand that improves aura speels and ignores air resistance of the enemie
  • Gaea Wand - wand that improves gaea spells and ignores earth resistance of the enemie
  • Ghost Queen Elexir - permanent helath and mana increase
  • Life Staff - wand that replenishes life, when hurting enemies
  • Aqua Wand - wand that ignores water resistence and adds a slow effect to aqua spells
  • Archmage's Robe - robe infused with protective magic
  • Essence of Aura - Element essence, that let Zia change the Element of a spell to aura
  • Rod of the Berserker - wand, that does more damage the more Zia is hurt
  • Essence of Aqua - Element essence, that let Zia change the Element of a spell to aqua
  • Essence of Gaea - Element essence, that let Zia change the Element of a spell to gaea
  • Negation Scepter - wand that ignores elemental resistance of enemies, but reduces overall damage
  • Afterlife Elixir - permanent health and mana increase
  • Essence of Igni - Element essence, that let Zia change the Element of a spell to actus
  • Soul Scepter - a wand that significally increases spell damage but consumes Soulbeads with every spell cast
  • Mystralian Elixir - permanent health and mana increase

Quest related[edit | edit source]

  • Bag of Wares - various wares were stolen by Goblins, the player should return the wares to Rachel.
  • Flowers - given by the guy on the peer to deliver to the traveling merchant Anna.
  • Hot Bread - needed for the beggar quest at the Market Place of the Mystralia Castle.
  • Badge - lost by the guard in front of the Graveyard's entrance above Mystralia Castle.
  • Bottle of spirits - needed to catch the three evil spirits awakened after completing the Tomp of the Mage Kings
  • Boar Meat - needed for the Fisherman Quest in the Highlands to lure out the hidden Goblins
  • Broken Pitchfork - Pitchfork borrowed by the Farmer in the Highlands of his cousin in Greyleaf
  • Broken Portal Stone - used to get back to The Winding Glade (got from the beggar quest)
  • Chunk of Metal - Metal needed to repair the Broken Pitchfork of the Farmer's Quest
  • Farmer's Pitchfork - repaired pitchfork belonging to Farmer Xavier (Farmer's Quest)